Dark Side of Love – 2013 Collection

Oooh soo excited to share our “Dark Side of Love” 2013 Collection!!!

This years collection was meant to be dark, daring and theatrical! I wanted to shock and entertain the audience and have them walk away talking about the “bleeding cake”. The inspiration for the collection came from the several sources, one being from the popular Twilight series, Goth fashion and of course you can’t forget to mention the late, great Alexander McQueen.  And yes…the “bleeding cake” may have been inspired by The Walking Dead series 

I had a lot of fun creating this collection! The most fun was watching the reaction on peoples faces. I wish I had a hidden camera…it was just priceless!!!

I love what Rebecca Chan Weddings & Events wrote about our booth “I loved that Ida from The Cake Museum was not afraid to go beyond the expected whites and pinks of wedding cakes to create this themed collection. There was even a bleeding cake! It goes to show you cakes can be fully custom made, from theme to execution (let your imagine run wild!).”

I have to Thank Anne of Anne Edgar Photography for these amazing images! Thanks soooo much Anne xo

I hope you Enjoy xo